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What is Success Management?

When the ERP system is implemented, your organization will start with a new way of working. In this stage, it is essential that the tooling will be used and bring your company the value you aimed forYou might say that this is the point where for your business, the journey really starts.  

For us, the end of the implementation/hyper care phase is not the end of our relationship. We are here to help your company to continually and increasingly receive value from your ERP landscape throughout your lifetime as a customer. In an article of sixteen ventures about Customer Success, the author writes that he wouldn’t be surprised if Customer Success will turn in to a part of the way you do business in a couple of years. For us, this is precisely the way we see it, because we are only successful if you are.  

Customer Success is when you achieve your desired outcome through interactions with us. To help you achieve your desired outcome, we define four domains 


Whenever you have an IT system running, you will need a support organization. We will support your team in getting enough knowledge, to be self-reliant, but know we are there to help you with more complex questions, issues, etc. The amount of support we can customize to your needs.  


The great benefit of running your software in the cloud is that you don’t need to worry about upgrades. Your software vendor will take care of this part. But whenever you get an upgrade, of course again, you want to get the most value out of that upgrade 

2-cnnct will support you by proactively tell you what new features and enhancements are embedded in the software, and can support in regression testing, and configuring new features.  


If we look at the desired outcome, we believe that this is a transforming vision. Whatever you want to achieve today is probably not what you want to accomplish in 5 years. At 2-cnnct we stay connected with your business and proactively think along how you can embed future improvementschanges, and afterthoughts in your ERP landscape  


When your company is growing, or other software gets outdated, we can support you in adding modules or applications to your architecture. 2-cnnct is part of a large network of other organizations, where we combine expertise in different areas. This way we can still use the knowledge of your company but add expertise in different areas. We believe this way we can make 1 + 1 = 3.  

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