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If you want to digitalize your back-office processes and realize flexible and robust information architectures, 2-cnnct is here to help you. These information architectures enable you to realize your strategy and grow your business.

We help you by designing information architectures, select the right solutions, implement and connect these solutions, and manage the success of these solutions during their lifecycles. That’s how we connect people by connecting technology.


Digitalizing your back-office with a flexible and modern information landscape requires a wide variety of skills. That's why we offer you a complete portfolio of services. Learn more about them by clicking one of the links below.

Cases & Knowledge

We share our knowledge in a series of blogs and cases. Please take a moment to discover our blog and cases and share your thoughts with us.

New generation ERP

Will the new generation ERP kill EPM solutions?

A new generation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions is here. These cloud-based alternatives leverage in-memory database technology and offer front-ends on multiple devices. This new generation of ERP also provides analytical capabilities. What impact will these new capabilities have on the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) arena? Will this new generation of ERP’s make EPM solutions obsolete?

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5 hidden secrets in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites

You probably know Gartner’s famous two-by-matrix, the Magic Quadrant. It’s a great piece of research if you are looking for a new Core financial management suite. But did you ever take the time to read the 30 or so pages underpinning this graphic? Probably not and that is why you might be missing out on crucial insights.

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