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Five signs your ERP-system is outdated

If your organization uses an ERP system, it is important to regularly evaluate whether the system still meets your organization’s needs. Don’t assume that just because the system was implemented as an ‘all-encompassing solution’,  it still meets your organization’s current needs. Outdated software and integrations hinder employee productivity and risk the loss of valuable insights. An outdated ERP system can even hinder processes and stunt organizational growth. Here are five signs that indicate it is time to replace your ERP system.

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Unlocking Organizational Potential: The Power of Business Capability Heat Maps

Your organization’s strategy is established, but its execution lags because of a gap between the strategy and the capabilities of your organization. A weak information landscape may be at the root of this problem. To tackle this challenge head-on, it is essential to first identify the organization’s current state. There are several ways to do this. To assess an organization’s information landscape and establish a clear roadmap for future success, we prefer using a Business Capability Heat Map.

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Five steps towards a supported data strategy

The transition to cloud applications is making unprecedented progress in many organizations. This comes with its challenges – for example, valuable data is regularly lost because it is “hidden” in different places in an organization and it is not communicated effectively between departments. This way, the available data within an organization is not used and eventually, valuable data is lost. A missed opportunity.

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First step in application landscape cleanup

Your company is growing fast. You are breaking sales records and taking over other companies. Together with your team, you celebrate these victories and are positive about the future. However, you know that this growth comes with challenges. For instance, a rapidly expanding application landscape that is hard to stay in control of.

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An Enterprise Architecture approach to ESG Management

Is your organization preparing for upcoming ESG regulations and reporting obligations? Adopting an enterprise architecture approach can help set you up for ESG success. Let’s explore how enterprise architecture can assist in achieving your ESG objectives.

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What's new in the Magic Quadrant Cloud ERP for Service Centric Enterprises?

In July 2022, Gartner published the Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP for Service-Centric Enterprises. This new Magic Quadrant focuses entirely on ERP for service organizations. Enterprises can increasingly be characterized as a service provider. This Magic Quadrant is therefore relevant to many enterprises. We summarized the main conclusions of the 26 page report for you.

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How Van Tilburg-Bastianen optimizes its services through successful digitization

Working data-driven and developing along with the market based on customer needs. With these goals in mind, Steven Zeelenberg, IT manager at Van Tilburg-Bastianen, is driving digital renewal. Are you curious about which digitalisation initiatives Van Tilburg-Bastianen has implemented? And what benefits they have brought to the business? Then read on quickly.

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Three hidden secrets from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture tools

In late 2021, Gartner published its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools. It lists the highest-performing vendors with focus and momentum in the market for EA tools. Although the market for Enterprise Architecture tools is still young and in full development the report is a great resource. But not many take the time to look beyond the famous two-by-two-matrix. Luckily for you, we did read the entire report and we found three key takeaways that you would miss out on if you just focus on the quadrant.

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Digital Transformation: The Road to Topcon 2.0

Is building an IT strategy enough to achieve organization-wide hypergrowth? Roland Appelhof, IT director within Topcon, believes there is much more to it than that! In this case, Roland shares what factors he believes deserve focus within a digital transformation. Are you curious how Roland made a digital transformation within the eye care business unit of Topcon? Then read on! 

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Digital Adoption Platform

Infographic Digital Adoption Platforms

Learn about Digital Adoption Platforms in our free infographic. You will learn what a typical digital user journey looks like, what problems are solved by a DAP, and what features are offered by a DAP. Download the full PDF version for free.

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