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Unlocking Organizational Potential: The Power of Business Capability Heat Maps

Your organization’s strategy is established, but its execution lags because of a gap between the strategy and the capabilities of your organization. A weak information landscape may be at the root of this problem. To tackle this challenge head-on, it is essential to first identify the organization’s current state. There are several ways to do this. To assess an organization’s information landscape and establish a clear roadmap for future success, we prefer using a Business Capability Heat Map.

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Digital Adoption Platform

Infographic Digital Adoption Platforms

Learn about Digital Adoption Platforms in our free infographic. You will learn what a typical digital user journey looks like, what problems are solved by a DAP, and what features are offered by a DAP. Download the full PDF version for free.

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Digital Adoption Platforms

How to run your digital transformation smoothly

Most business leaders embrace digitalization as a means to remain competitive. That is why the topic of digital transformation is a popular item on the company’s agenda. However, it turns out that organizations tend to underestimate the challenges of change. 27.5 percent of change initiatives fail, and other researchers even report a failure rate of 70 percent. Why do these change projects fail? How can the risks be mitigated?

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