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About 2-cnnct

We connect people within organizations through innovative and technological solutions. We believe that cultivating the right information landscape not only makes your organization agile and future-proof - it also empowers professionals to excel in their roles and be more efficient. With a no-nonsense mentality and personalized approach, we are committed to assisting your organization become more professional and reach its goals.

2-cnnct = to connect

Our name says it all: 2-cnnct is here to connect individuals within your organization through the right applications, processes, and data strategies. We constantly seek out the most innovative and future-proof solutions to ensure that your organization stays ahead of the curve. 

Breaking free from old systems

We empower organizations with the tools to break free from cumbersome, monolithic systems that deprive colleagues of job satisfaction, slow down processes, and overlook valuable data. With our help, your team builds an application landscape that maximizes the value of your data and streamlines information flows for optimal efficiency. 

Establish the appropriate connections

We are also here for organizations that have enthusiastically started using new applications but find themselves tangled in a labyrinth of data silos. With departments scarcely communicating and colleagues navigating disjointed systems and applications, we collaborate with your team to streamline the application landscape and establish the necessary connections. This allows your organization to realign its focus on core operations and prepare for the future effectively. 

Our expertise

Since our start in 2019, we have significantly expanded our range of services. For example, we guide software selections, create information landscapes tailored to your business objectives, and ensure that our solutions continue to perform. By combining our expertise with that of our network, we can deliver smart total solutions that give your organization a competitive advantage, both now and in the future. 

Our team

Our team consists of driven and enthusiastic people with diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to their profession. Split between our offices in Rotterdam and Leeuwarden, we bring together diverse perspectives and expertise.

Achraf Lahlou

Business consultant

Arne Jelmer Nijmeijer

Managing consultant

Ben Vlielander

Business consultant

Clara Nesu

Business analyst

Cynthia Gorlee

Recruitment consultant

Jasper Bredius

Business consultant

Jeroen van Deursen

Jeroen van Deursen

Managing partner

Jurjen Fokkema

Business analyst

Lieke Venema

Business analyst

Wim Heuvelman

Managing partner

Wouter de Schepper

Business consultant

Our current job openings

2-cnnct is a great company to work and develop, but not for everyone. We really are a no-nonsense club. We love our job and we want to make our clients successful. You won’t find frills, politics and bells and whistles with us. Check our vacancies to see if a closer acquaintance makes sense.

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