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How to run your digital transformation smoothly

Most business leaders embrace digitalization as a means to remain competitive. That is why the topic of digital transformation is a popular item on the company's list. However, it turns out that organizations tend to underestimate the challenges of change. 27.5 percent of change initiatives fail, and other researchers even report a failure rate of 70 percent. Why do these change projects fail? How can the risks be mitigated?

Why do most digital transformations fail

A couple of factors come to the forefront when studying the causes of the failure of change initiatives. Usually, digital transformation may be unsuccessful due to a lack of shared vision, a lack of commitment, a lack of internal capabilities, and many more. But would a digital transformation be successful if such restrictions are being accounted for? Not necessarily. The real challenge is the individual part. People are scared of change, and they naturally tend to have a rebellious attitude towards change.  

Why is that? Change means doing something new, which is unfamiliar and scary. In traditional digital transformation projects, employees must follow multiple in-class pieces of training, read loads of documentation, and apply this new theoretical knowledge. So, you have to invest a lot of time and effort to acquire such knowledge while not working with the latest software yet. When they finally do, they reach IT support all the time since the system is still unknown territory. Perfectly evident why employees are resistant to digital transformation.  

So how can we tackle these issues and mitigate employee resistance? 

The answer is quite simple. Fear of the unknown should be eliminated by providing the best guidance in working with new technology. Successfully adopting anything new, works best when people are learning-by-doing. Learning and doing come together in a solution called ‘Digital Adoption Solution.’ You can install this software on top of your IT system that enables walkthroughs, in-app tips, and other guidance to users.

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) allows you to create personalized step-by-step instructions and interactive guides inside the application for every type of end-user. Your employees do not have to be trained anymore; the Digital Adoption Platform does all for you. User training and user onboarding have never been this simple.  

Do Digital Adoption Solutions offer more features? 

Absolutely! An important feature of Digital Adoption Software is the ability to gather analytics through artificial intelligence, such as user behavior. User behavior allows you to identify inefficiencies in the way your users work with the IT software. These insights ensure your software utilization and user productivity will always be optimized. Digital Adoption Platforms also enable in-app support, which means that the amount of IT support (and costs) diminish. Furthermore, with Covid-19 threatening the world, Digital Adoption Solutions are a convenient way to train and onboard your employees remotely.  

Sounds great, but how will a Digital Adoption Platform help our company? 

Foremost, it increases user productivity, enhances software utilization, and reduces training costs. Not only during the digital transformation phase but also in the long run when you train and onboard employees. Digital Adoption Platforms create personalized step-by-step tours and guidance. Therefore, it simplifies user training and onboarding, user engagement increases as well, and user engagement is vital in digitally transforming your company.

If your organization has planned to implement a new IT-system, make sure that you gain employee acceptance and support. It has become clear that resistance to change is one of, if not, the most important factor causing change initiatives to fail. Digital Adoption Platforms are an excellent solution to mitigate the risk of employee resistance and, thus, enhance the organization’s support. Digital Adoption Platforms, therefore, increase the probability of a successful digital change initiative. So do you find the idea of digital transformation scary? Why not try a Digital Adoption Platform to run your IT implementation and adoption more smoothly?


To really get the value from your investments in technology, it’s crucial that the users in your organization make optimal use of the possibilities of the solutions. To drive the adoption of new solutions in your organization, Digital Adoption Platform are a special category of solutions in our portfolio. Newired is one of the leading Digital Adoption platforms. Newired closes the gap between people and the digital world. It does not sound as exciting as you might think, but wait till you find out how much this extension benefits your company in our free webinar!

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