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Benefits of Netsuites integrated platform

A question that many organizations struggle with; how do I get more insight out of my data? Oracle Netsuite is currently making an advance in the Benelux. More and more organizations of different volumes prefer the complete cloud platform.

Make smarter use of your data.

In other words, more and more organizations are recording their transactional data in Oracle Netsuite. But how can you make smarter use of the data in Oracle Netsuite by creating dashboards that give you more insight into the ins and outs of your organization?

Let’s zoom in; we first need to take a step backward. To manage your business correctly, you want to calculate various scenarios to link your data to the strategic objectives. In other words, are we still sailing the right course?

And you guessed it: it is precisely at this intersection that the two worlds of Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Performance Management come together. By using the transactional data from Oracle Netsuite in combination with Oracle Netsuite Planning and Budgetting, you can realize the first improvements in your business and make them visible with a few dashboards.

Netsuite integration

The integration between Oracle Netsuite Planning and budgeting and the Netsuite ERP module is unique. Thanks to the smart combination and the use of various interactive dashboards, you have 360-degree insight into your business, and you can move along with the dynamics of your organization at any moment.

By getting started with Oracle Netsuite Planning and Budgetting and visualizing things in dashboards, you simultaneously initiate a transition “from classic accounting to sparring partner” of the business.

It is becoming increasingly important to move fast; what is the impact of a changing market on your organization? These are questions you want to get an accurate answer to, or you may miss a competitive advantage.

Process management and predictive models

In addition to the many beautiful dashboards in Oracle Netsuite, a powerful feature is the process management flow. It is easy to divide and follow up with different tasks. For example, this functionality is easy to use when drawing up budgets.

But there are more ways to gain more insights. It is a shame not to use the collected data from your transactional layer. In most cases, you already have more ideas into the house than you think in advance. By smartly combining data, you can easily make a (predictive) forecast; then, you can display this in a dashboard for your management reporting.

It is a missed opportunity to use Netsuite only for recording your transactional data. You have so much hidden gold in your house, so why not use this data to gain more insight into your business?

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