Digital Adoption Platform

How to make business applications more Intuitive and user Friendly

To really get the value from your investments in technology, it's crucial that the users in your organization make optimal use of the possibilities of the solutions. To drive the adoption of new solutions in your organization, Digital Adoption Platform are a special category of solutions in our portfolio. Newired is one of the leading Digital Adoption platforms. Newired closes the gap between people and the digital world. It does not sound as exciting as you might think, but wait till you find out how much this extension benefits your company in our free webinar!

Introducing Newired

Newired is a cutting-edge solution for digital training and onboarding problems. Using personalized in-app contextual cues, organizations close the digital skills gap to prevent disruption in digitalization. Digital Adoption Platforms not only reduce complexity during digital transformation but also serve as a sustainable training and onboarding solution as well. Watch this video to learn more.

Example of a Digital Adoption Platform

In the video below we have included an example of a Digital Adoption Platform, in this case Newired. This implementation of a Digital Adoption Platform helps users of Oracle Planning Budgeting Cloud to use the application. Planning and Budgeting application that are typically used only a few times per year. A Digital Adoption Platform is an ideal solution to help these occasional users to work with the application.

Watch the webinar

Gianluca and Loran take a deep dive in the world of Digital Adoption Platforms. Loran elaborates on which problems digital organizations face and he showcases how Newired mitigates these issues. Gianluca presents how the journeys of Newired guide Oracle EPM users across applications. The webinar closes with a demonstration of the intuitive feature of creating walkthroughs. Sit back and enjoy!

Topics covered in the webinar

  • What is Newired?
  • What problems are solved with a digital adoption platform?
  • Which features come with Newired?
  • What is the value of Newired for stakeholders?

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