Why an IT-architecture?

Times of a monolithic ERP-system are over. To be able to respond to the ever faster-changing pace of business, organizations need a set of functional- and integration of IT-components. A clear vision of a fitting architecture is essential to let these IT-components work together and prevent a siloed IT architecture.

What is an IT-architecture?

The glossary of Gartner defines an IT architecture as: “IT architecture is a series of principles, guidelines or rules used by an enterprise to direct the process of acquiring, building, modifying and interfacing IT resources throughout the enterprise.” We take the liberty to put more emphasis on the principles and guidelines and not so much on the rules. We also put more emphasis on visualizing the different elements of an IT architecture to facilitate communication throughout the organization.

How do we design an IT-architecture?

To develop a clear IT-architecture, we take the following steps with our customers:

Inventarisation of available IT-components

The first step is to see what is already in use. We check what is already available, and if the organization uses software solution correctly. Typically a lot of these solutions can be valuable components when developing a new architecture.

Develop IT architecture options

Now that we know what is available it is time to learn about the plans of your organization. To learn about your strategy we reuse existing documents as much as possible. Based on these plans we develop a set of architecture options that include the solutions that are already available in your organization. Each IT architecture option has one goal, to support the realization of the plans of your organization.

Develop rollout scenario’s

An IT architecture needs a good rollout plan to put it into action. A good rollout plan focuses both on the risks as well as the opportunities that arise from the new IT architecture. Together with your team, we develop different rollout scenario’s to choose from.

Select an architecture option and roll-out scenario

With all the options on the table, it is time to choose. We different group-decision techniques to make sure that the wisdom of the entire team is included without going through lengthy discussions. When we agree on the right IT architecture and an accompanying rollout scenario we pay special attention to visualize its contents.

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