The Open Group Digital Practitioners Day

The Open Group, the organization behind the Togaf framework, is organizing a virtual event to kick-off 2022. Next to a special day focusing on COP 26 and sustainability, the digital practitioners day is an event not to be missed by digitalization professionals.

The Open Framework for the Digital Enterprise – Learn about next steps in delivering the playbook for the digital enterprise using consistent and self-supporting guidance by Digital Practitioners:

  • Common Vocabulary and Roles: A set of reusable, cross-standard definitions for terms and roles, curated by member consensus:
  • Digital Competencies: DPBoK™ Standard – a coherent, self-consistent framework of digital competencies based on organization scale
  • Digital Product Control & Accountability: IT4IT™ Standard v3 – Managing the Digital Product to provide a single, simple, unifying element to manage IT and “smart” products and services
  • Architecting the Digital Enterprise:  Open Agile Architecture™ Standard – an outcome-based, product-centered approach to enable enterprises to respond to customer needs in a nimble and Agile manner

In 2022, this content will be made publicly available to standards adopters, along with improvements for both standards adopters, and our valued standards creator community.  Stay tuned for a Sneak Peek of this digital platform and initial content.