My first month at 2-cnnct

Unbelievable how quickly the time went by. Last summer, I nearly spent the night at the university library to finish my dissertation, and today I have already worked a month at 2-cnnct. It’s a good sign that time flew by. I was welcomed with open arms at the office in the center of Rotterdam on my first day. It’s always kind of exciting when you are new, but my co-workers immediately gave me the feeling that I belonged here. It’s essential that you get responsibilities right away and that they give you the feeling that you can contribute. In short, a running start.


So what have I already worked on during the previous month? I started in the position of Junior ERP Consultant, and I was intended to work for a client right away. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus shook the world up resulting in my project getting postponed. 2-cnnct showed to deal with this situation flexibly and effectively. Instead, I followed several ERP-related pieces of training and various e-learning modules to improve my soft skills. At the end of April, I got a supporting role at an existing project to already gain some experience before starting on my project. I also contributed to working internally to assist the firm in pursuing its growth prospects. For instance, I have set up research about the selection of new technology to improve our success management proposition. It is very satisfying that the company already gives you the responsibility to work on an internal project individually. Furthermore, I also assist with competitor research to strengthen 2-cnnct’s positioning. That’s the most significant benefit of working at a startup: you will get a lot of responsibilities, your voice counts equally, and you can drastically improve your entrepreneurial skills.

The office

Exciting that the learning curve is that high, but how is the ambiance at the office? In one word: fabulous! I never felt they left me in the dark. My co-workers are genuinely interested, they regularly offer me to help with something, and there is enough space for laughing together. During lunch, we often go outside for a walk in the city center and grab a sandwich on the way. On the last Friday of the month, we have a drink, even during the intelligent lockdown, when we replaced the regular drink for a digital one. A great alternative for maintaining the sociability.

Looking back at my first month at 2-cnnct

To wrap it up, I am looking back with satisfaction on my first time at 2-cnnct. I am especially happy that I could start on April 1, while the government had decided to set some large measures regarding the Corona crisis on March 15. In the same period, I learned that many companies paused the recruiting of new personnel. It gives a feeling of trust when your employer is then still willing to invest in you. I will probably start on my first project in May. An excellent opportunity to apply what I have learned this month. I am looking forward to it!

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