How to become the best version of yourself?

At 2-cnnct, we want to be the best at what we do, and we encourage all our consultants to become the best version of themselves. As we live by the motto: “Good decisions come from experience, Experience comes from bad decisions” we make sure you will be assigned to an exciting assignment as soon as you start at 2-cnnct. While being coached by a senior consultant, you will get the opportunity to take responsibility for your tasks.


Of course, we will not let you drown or send you in the field without any preparation. So when you start your career at 2-cnnct, we will boost your knowledge with the 2-CNNCT bootcamp. ​With a mix of guided training, self-study, and learning on the job, you will obtain enough skills to work on assignments within one of the expertise independently. 

The consultancy traineeship

The consultancy traineeship we’ve set up includes all fields where we believe you should excel when you want to be the best at your job. These areas we cover in our training program are Business processes, IT & IT Architecture, Project Methodology, and Commercial Awareness & Consultancy Skills. All practices are tailor-made to the day-to-day practice of a consultant. This way, we can guaranty the curriculum is always up to date and keeps up with all the developments in the technology domain.  

Join our team?

To make sure you will get the most out of this bootcamp, we will end all courses with a practical assignment based on real-life experience and give you the confidence you will make a great first impression at your first client, and build on your skills right from the start. Are you interested in joining our team, check our junior consultant vacancy, and apply today!  

Cases & Solutions

Oracle OpenWorld London

Visting Oracle OpenWorld Europe

Being the best guide for your customers in the Architecture, Selection, Implementation and Customer Success Management field, requires to keep your knowledge up to date. As it is our goal to always provide the best fit for our customers, it means we need to keep track of many solutions of many vendors. Fortunately, most vendors make life easy and organize events to keep their customers, partners and all interested parties like us informed. So we took off to London and visited Oracle OpenWorld Europe.

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digital core

The need for a digital core

When you do a Google search for innovation and ERP and digital core, you will most likely come across multiple websites that focus on innovations like Cloud, Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Apps, and Robotics. Is this focus on innovation just a strive for differentiation of the different vendors, or do these innovations deliver the promised value to your organization? 


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