About us

- Times of monolithic systems are over
- Siloed cloud services are not the solution
- Realize a flexible and robust information architecture
- Let information flow and your organization thrive

Monolithic systems are over

When we met, it was immediately apparent; together, we will change the world of traditional automation. Times of monolithic systems are over. It’s time to start the digitalization of the back-office using 21st-century components.

We come from two worlds. One of them is the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) space, where we work on consolidation, planning, and forecasting, and KPI’s. The other being the world of more traditional ERP, both as a consultant and a customer.

We shared the vision that too many people were stuck in the silos of legacy systems. Some organizations were leaving that world but ended up in a siloed cloud system landscape which makes collaboration between departments challenging.

So we started 2-cnnct

So we decided to start 2-cnnct and make the world a little bit a better place. A place where people aren’t stuck in legacy systems or information silos. But a place where information can flow and people can put their real talents to work, so organizations excel.

We help our customers by designing information architectures, select the right solutions, implement and connect these solutions, and manage the success of these solutions during their lifecycles. That’s how we connect people by connecting technology.

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Together we are stronger

2-cnnct is part of a strong network of professional services companies. All these companies share a common history and are tightly connected sharing networks and knowledge. With more than 300 professionals we cover areas varying a much as low-code and data science to corporate tax and sustainability. Our current offices are based in the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, and Latvia.

By combining our expertise with the expertise of our sister companies, we offer unique services. That’s how we create innovative solutions and take responsibility for integral change programs. Some examples of companies in our network are Intire, Finext, Rockfeather, Swap Support, Sonum International and Firstleap.

Our current job openings (in Dutch)

Wim Heuvelman

Want to know more?

We love to hear your questions or ideas. Please contact Wim by sending him an email.